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iPhone sync hangs on “Syncing (Step 2 of 4) — Preparing to sync”

If you are like me (and you know you are), I like to regularly sync my iPhone to my MacBook Pro. This is mainly just for tracking what music I listen to, as I do not do backups to my local computer any more.

Alas, there is a fly in the ointment. Lately I have been plugging my iPhone into my MBP, and then from Finder I click on the iPhone on the left and click the Sync button, and along the bottom it stays at “Syncing (Step 2 of 4) — Preparing to sync” and never moves. Here is an example of what it looks like: (You’ll forgive me if I redact some of the more sensitive bits here.)

By the way, this is an Apple Silicon MBP and it is on the latest Sonoma.

I have a solution that seems to work for me, but keep in mind that your mileage may vary, especially since the workaround that I am talking about involves terminating a system process.

So as it turns out, there is a system process running called “MDCrashReportTool” that is somehow interfering with this process. The way that I have been able to get this to complete is to launch the Activity Monitor, then from the CPU tab search for “crash”, and your window will then look something like this:

Double click on the MDCrashReportTool entry, and from the dialog that pops up click Quit, and then click Force Quit. Once you do this, your sync should go through without incident, even if it was hung on step 2 of 4 when you kill the MDCrashReportTool process.

You will have to do this every time you reboot the computer, as the MDCrashReportTool seems to reappear again for me.

Two iPhone SDK facts you may not know

I discovered (quite by accident) two things today about iPhone software development. These are things that are probably documented and discussed elsewhere, so here is yet another documenting/mentioning of them.

1. The order of stuff in Interface Builder is actually pretty important

So I am in Interface Builder, copying and pasting some repetitive stuff. I usually like to have the document window open on the left of the screen, the view open middle left, the inspector middle right, and the library on the right. And every once in a while, the stuff I pasted that showed up at the bottom of the list of controls in my view disappeared.

As it turns out, this was happening when I was subconsciously sending the newly pasted controls to the back, and as you may not know, the order of the controls as shown in a view pertains exactly to the z-order of the controls. The control that I was sending to the back going to the top of the list of controls under the view in the document window.

2. Don’t try to present a modal view controller on top of another modal view controller

The subject above says it all. If you create a view controller and use the presentModalViewController method, nothing really happens. The new view is created, but just sort of fizzles out before reaching the screen. (Or in other words, the init is called, but viewDidLoad is never reached.)

This will present a bit of a challenge, as just about every other environment I have worked in allows you to lay modals on top of other modals.