Garage Band loop browser acting up

This is not so much a development issue as just a general usability issue, but it had frustrated me for a while and I am glad I got the issue behind me.

The problem was that my Garage Band v6 (2011 version) had some problems with the loops. When I would fire up the program, some of the loops in the loop browser showed up sort of grayed out with an arrow next to them. When I click on one of the grayed arrowed loops, I would get a message about how I needed to use Software Update to download the loops onto my computer. However, when I would go to Software Update, it would insist that there were no updates available. Also, when I went back into Garage Band to do the same thing again, it would respond with this message:

You have already initiated the installation of additional content for GarageBand via Software Update. For additional information please open the ‘Software Update’ application.

The battle of wits has begun.

Finally after trying to uninstall and reinstall a couple of times, and after looking through umpteen dozen posts on how this fixed it or that fixed it, I came upon this post on Apple’s web site:

Update the loop library (this link is dead as of 2/23/2012)

Finally I have slain the ROUS that was my loop browser issue.


The link above appears to be dead as of February 23, 2012, a quick Google search for “update the loop library” with specifying the site of yielded this link on Apple’s web site:

Update the loop library ( (this link is dead as of 1/8/2017)

I do not recall the exact contents of the now dead link, but from what I remember, I think that link and this one recommended very similar steps of actions.


  1. jake says:

    its no longer there… now what

  2. BP says:

    I have edited the post with an updated link.

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