objc_msgSend EXC_BAD_ACCESS error after moving operations to a GCD block

The subject says it all. After trying to improve the responsiveness of my app by using a Grand Central Dispatch block to run some code asynchronously, the code in my main queue GCD block was failing with an objc_msgSend EXC_BAD_ACCESS error. Bugger.

The error itself typically describes sending a message to an object that has been released and is no longer valid, but I am not sure how that could have happened just by moving some operations inside of GCD blocks.

The way that I fixed this was to go into the diagnostics tab in the Edit Scheme window, and I turned on the Enabled Guard Malloc option. Then, when I ran the app, it showed me more specifically where the issue was. The problem turned out to be that I was using an autorelease array that was becoming invalid as a result of going into and coming out of the GCD blocks. I switched the array to a retained object, and everything started working fine again.

Just don’t forget to turn off the Enable Guard Malloc when you are done testing.

And if you have not yet checked out the coolness of Grand Central Dispatch, you are missing out on a valuable tool.

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