It had to happen sooner or later.  The dreaded red light of rejection descended on one of my new application submissions.

They got me on the old “App Store Review Guidelines, Metadata section, 3.5: Small and large app icons should be similar, so as to not to cause confusion” gambit. (By the way, there is no need to read that twice, the seemingly grammatically incorrect wording above is straight from the e-mail I received as well as being on the App Store Review Guidelines web site. Go to to see for yourself after you have logged into your developer account.)

It is true, the 57×57 icons I used for the two applications were not just scaled down versions of the 512×512 images that I put on iTunes Connect, I wanted to use smaller images for the app icons, and scaling them up would have made for a couple of messy images for the iTunes App Store.

Strangely enough, I submitted these two similar applications at the same time, and the other one managed to make it through, despite the fact that the application’s 57×57 icon was not very similar to the 512×512 icon I uploaded to iTunes Connect.

Oh well. The offending app has been resubmitted, hopefully it will get approved before they take the Christmas break.

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