More iPhone code signing issues

Here’s a little nugget that I just learned about code signing your iPhone app that I probably was able to get around before by the  bumble-around-trying-everything-under-the-sun-before-stumbling-on-the-right-combination method.

Your build settings in the Target override your build settings in the project.

This is obvious to me now looking back at it, but I am very nearly 100% sure that this was tripping me up on the previous projects that I have tried to submit to the App Store.

It probably says this somewhere in the Apple documentation, but I am too tired to look for it to verify that it is in there.  Now if I can just get the UIAutomation tool in Instruments doing what I need it to do.  I used to remove the logElementTree function out of the js file after I figured out how deep something was buried in the hierarchy, but I got tired of retyping it so I just leave the line in there now and just move it down to the next block of new functionality I am trying to exercise.

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