Missing GCC 4.2 options in Xcode Build tab

I was missing some GCC 4.2 options (such as a nice way to do some preprocessor definitions) in an older project of mine, and I knew that I had done something similar on a newer project.

As it turns out, for some reason it seems to put these options back in the Project Info window if you change your Code Signing Identity option.  I changed it (and the Any iOS option below it) to a different profile, then changed them back to iPhone Developer, and the missing options suddenly appeared in my older project.

Here is a link to the Stack Overflow question and answer:

Missing GCC 4.2 options in Project Info / Build tab in Xcode 3.2.5

By the way, Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all had a nice 2010 holiday season.


  1. Slamor says:

    This is not quite right.
    GCC 4.2 options appears after adding sources to “Groups & Files”->Target->”YourTargetName”->Compile Sources
    The rule is simple:
    If “Target” has no sources yet, there is no GCC 4.2 options.

  2. BP says:

    Well it did work for me the way I described. I will have to check out your suggestion when I get back in the office.

  3. horseshoe7 says:

    None of these suggestions worked for me. I’m missing the Code Generation section of the build settings which, without being able to change them, is preventing me from watching variables while stepping through my code. (i.e not good at all)

  4. BP says:

    Are you using Xcode version 3.x or 4.x? The original problem and posting were talking about Xcode version 3.2.5, it is radically different on the 4.x version of Xcode. Which ever version you have, have you tried to change up the Code Signing Identity options to something else, then changing them back to what they are supposed to be? In Xcode 4, these options are under the Code Signing section of the build settings, and make sure if you are using Xcode 4 and looking at the target build settings with the levels split (the Combined/Levels selection at the top of the window), that your changes to the code signing identity are showing up in the Resolved column.

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