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Advent of Code 2023

Well I just finished up the 2023 Advent of Code, and I must say that I must be getting senile or incompetent, because I found the problems to be challenging well above my pay grade.

However, it was fun to try and solve these problems using Swift.

Have a great holiday, everyone.

EDIT: Oh yeah, almost forgot, here is the link to my Github repo for this:

Advent of Code Solution Machine

Better late than never

So once again I forgot to post about finishing up the Advent of Code. Here is my Swift code for the solutions:

Advent of Code Solution Machine

Advent of Code 2020

I can’t believe that I forgot to post about the 2020 Advent of Code until just now! Man I suck, but in truth, I have been a bit busy with my new gig.

There didn’t seem to be a puzzle this year that they kept building on like in years past. I actually kind of liked those kinds of challenges, but I will say that the 2020 set of challenges were fun to work on.

Please check out my Advent of Code Github repository:

Advent of Code 2019

The calendar is about to turn, which can only mean one thing. Time to finish Advent of Code!

I stumbled a bit on some of this year’s puzzles, as it seemed they were harder than usual. On a couple of them, I had to out and out give up on my part 2 solutions in favor of those smarter than me.

At any rate, please check out the Github repository, where the Swift 5 solutions to 2019 are now permanently encased:

Please note that I have removed the year from the repository name, as I intend to keep adding to this one repository all Advents of Code past and present. Currently I am working my way through 2018, so please be patient, as I may have to make code changes on earlier solutions as the Swift versions have moved forward.

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Advent of Code 2017

Well this year’s Advent of Code 2017 must have been easier than the past two years. Either that, or I am getting better at this software development thing, as I am actually finished with it on the final day of the challenge. Huzzah!

Please feel free to check out my Github site for all the Swift 4 goodness needed to solve the 25 challenges:

BTW, Merry Christmas (or insert your own holiday here) to all, and here’s hoping your 2018 is the best it can be.