Advent of Code 2019

The calendar is about to turn, which can only mean one thing. Time to finish Advent of Code!

I stumbled a bit on some of this year’s puzzles, as it seemed they were harder than usual. On a couple of them, I had to out and out give up on my part 2 solutions in favor of those smarter than me.

At any rate, please check out the Github repository, where the Swift 5 solutions to 2019 are now permanently encased:

Please note that I have removed the year from the repository name, as I intend to keep adding to this one repository all Advents of Code past and present. Currently I am working my way through 2018, so please be patient, as I may have to make code changes on earlier solutions as the Swift versions have moved forward.

BTW, if you are looking for something new and interesting to read in the sci-fi genre, please check out my friend and author Jerry Evanoff. He has self published a book and novella in his Nightmares Through Time series as of the end of 2019, and is planning a larger literary universe to delight and confound. Mostly confound. But it’s a ripping good yarn anywho, so please consider signing up for his newsletter, buying his book, or reading his work through Kindle Unlimited.

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