Problems presenting view controller from clickedButtonWithIndex on iPad with iOS 8

As I work through my apps, I keep finding nifty iOS 8 issues. Such as one where I am having problems presenting a view controller from the clickedButtonWithIndex delegate method on an iPad with iOS 8.

From my research, it appears that under the covers, Apple is taking my UIActionSheet and morphing it into a UIActionController on the iPad in iOS 8. Unfortunately, weird things can happen if you try to present another view controller from within the clickedButtonWithIndex method, as the alert controller is still visible when the new controller is being presented. As a result, you get a warning message in the console that looks something like this:

Warning: Attempt to present <NewViewController: 0x12345678> on <OldViewController: 0x98765432> which is already presenting <UIAlertController: 0x24682468>

The solution to this seems to be to react to the didDismissWithButtonIndex method on UIAlertViewDelegate. When this is done, the alert controller appears to be gone on the iOS 8 iPad by the time that the new view controller is presented, and all is happy.

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