CLGeocoder with built-in NSCache

In case you were wondering, Apple “recommends” that you only make one call per minute to their geocoding system. I can kind of understand the reasoning behind this, as they do not want to let people abuse the system. If you have a bunch of geocoding requests that you need to make within a short amount of time, you will not be cut off immediately if you push through a bunch of requests within seconds, but eventually you will get clipped. Now, if the requests you make are part of a table view that is scrolling, wouldn’t it be neat if you could find a CLGeocoder with built-in NSCache?

Well now you can. Please check out my GitHub repository for BPGeocoder:

This class inherits from CLGeocoder and you use it as a replacement for CLGeocoder, except that it maintains its own NSCache of addresses that it has geocoded, and if you pass in an address it has already seen, it does not bother contacting the Apple servers, it just returns back the cached results it found earlier.

BTW, Happy Birthday to Terry Farrell, who played Valerie in Back To School and Lt. Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, which was the best Star Trek series, IMHO. (Additionally, I think we need to get an internet campaign going to get IMDb to change the cast photo on their DS9 page to be one with Terry. Leave a comment if you agree. Sorry, Nicole!)

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