Objective-C preprocessor paranoia

I am always deathly afraid of test code working its way into a release app. Usually for me this happens when I am trying to optimize a portion of the code by modifying something that is already there and working, which usually leads to something like this in my code during development:

//#define SAFE_OPTION_1
//#define RISKY_OPTION_2

So finally I started to set it up so that I can verify that, at least for the archival build of the app, that the wrong option is not selected by using something like this:

 #if !defined(SAFE_OPTION_1)
  #error The release build of MyApp must have the SAFE_OPTION_1 option selected.

This code will give me a build error if I forget to set the option back to the safe option, which is good.

Also, I wanted to make sure that one of the three options was selected, as commenting out all 3 options is not good, and may not necessarily generate any build errors on their own. So I then figured out that this would do the trick for me:

#if !defined(SAFE_OPTION_1) && !defined(RISKY_OPTION_2) && !defined(DANGEROUS_OPTION_3)
 #error Please select an option.

Now I get a build error when I accidentally have all 3 options commented out.

BTW, Happy 20th Birthday to the X-Files, which first aired on this date in 1993. I think it is about time for me to go back through and binge watch all 9 seasons of the show.

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