External full screen UIViewController

While trying to write an app that drives an external monitor hooked up to my iPad, I found that you need to set the wantsFullScreenLayout to your view controller in order for it to go edge to edge. No combination of constraints or struts and springs in Interface Builder or playing with the frame and bounds in code does the job.

As an aside, if you get the message “Could not change executable permissions on the application.” in Xcode when you try to run an app, it is most likely because there is already an app on the device or simulator that has the same bundle identifier that you have specified in your code. To solve, just remove the offending app from the device or simulator and run again, and it should work.

BTW, Happy 30th Birthday to the Nintendo Entertainment System, released 30 years ago today in Japan as the Famicom. Ice Hockey is still one of my all time favorite games.

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