Xcode 4.6 Organizer crash on update

Well I had a nice little issue with Xcode. Whenever I would try to do something in Organizer that had to sign into my Apple developer account (refresh provisioning profiles, add a device to a provisioning profile, etc.), it would ask for my credentials, chug for a moment, and then slip out the back door like it was late for a date with a supermodel.

Luckily, today I got frustrated with this issue and did some digging. I found a post on Apple’s forums about getting rid of some Library files created and used by Xcode, and after I removed the two files in question, lo and behold it started to be non-crashy again. Bonus.

The files were in the folder “~/Library/Developer/Xcode/” and begin with “connect1.apple.com”. Apple’s post says to move the files, but I just blew them away and it seemed to work fine. Here is the post on the Apple web site: (you may need to log in with your Apple developer account to see this posting)

Xcode 4.6.1 crashing while interacting with the Developer Portal

BTW, Happy Birthday to Routzy! We had our one year birthday party for Routzy tonight at Vito’s Wine Bar in Delaware, Ohio. Thanks to all who turned out, and wait until you see what we have in store for Routzy in year 2.

Post script: Happy Belated 40th Birthday to The Young and The Restless.

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