Intermittently localized strings (and MobileVLC build issues)

So I was having an issue with my NSLocalizedString entries. At seemingly random intervals, the app that I built and deployed to either the simulator or the iPad would display the key that I pass into NSLocalizedString instead of the value from my Localizable.strings file. Which is very annoying.

As it turns out, the app was getting confused because I had 2 Localizable.strings files in my project. So if this is happening to you, make sure that you are looking at the file list in your workspace, and start typing Localizable in the search field at the bottom of the list. If you see more than two Localizable.strings files, consolidate them into one and then delete the extra ones.

Also, I have been having a devil of a time trying to get MobileVLC built and running. If you can help, please take a look at my posting on Stack Overflow on the latest issue:

iOS SDK 5.1 linker error for non_lazy_ptr in Xcode 4.4.1

I have also posted to the VideoLAN forum about this issue, again with no luck:

iOS SDK 5.1 linker error for non_lazy_ptr in Xcode 4.4.1

BTW, happy birthday (posthumously) to Danny Gatton, a supremely talented guitar player who left us too soon.

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