CI for iOS: Better Than Bacon? (CIDUG meeting, July 24, 2012)

Kevin Munc gave a presentation last night on doing continuous integration using Jenkins for developing iOS apps. It seemed somewhat complicated to set up, but I did like some of the things that he showed. Hopefully I will get a few free seconds here at my job to try and implement some of the things that Kevin showed.

Also, for those few of you who use Xnews for reading your Usenet newsgroups, it was acting up for me by not remembering that I only wanted to see unread articles when going into a newsgroup, I would have to hit the U key after the newsgroup loaded to hide all the read headers. This is far too much work for me. The way I found to get around this was to exit the program and spelunk into the folder on your computer where Xnews lives, and look for a folder called “data”. Inside this folder, you may see a folder or file for the group that you are having trouble with. When I saw this, I just deleted the file, started the application back up, and all was right with the world.

BTW, Happy Birthday to Doug Drabek, the former pitcher for the Pirates (and other teams) that I met briefly at last years Pirates Fantasy Camp.

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