iPhone code signing issues

So I am trying to get a project started a while back into a state where it can be submitted to the app store, and of course it never goes smoothly. Today’s issue was a bunch of build and code signing errors that occurred when I tried to switch from using an older iPhone developer account to our current one, and added a new development device to the provisioning profile.

Here were the steps that I took to finally get it building and running on my development devices:

  • Regenerate the development certificate and provisioning profile after adding the new development device
  • Move the development certificate from the system area into the login area in Keychain Access
  • Clean out the old provisioning profiles in the Xcode organizer and from the device
  • Add the new provisioning profile to the device
  • Add the new provisioning profile to the provisioning profile section of the Organizer under iPhone Development
  • Change the code signing identity in the Project info Build tab and in the Target info Build tab

Once I did all these steps, it started to build and run on the device. Now I just can’t wait until I try to build for distribution and submit to the App Store. What could possibly go wrong?

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