Netbook resolution in Windows Virtual PC

A customer lets me know that they are having a problem with one of our software products. It was something specific to the 1024 by 576 pixel resolution of their Dell netbook, which was a problem since we did do not have a computer with that resolution.

So I decided to try to use the Windows XP Mode of Windows Virtual PC on my Windows 7 Ultimate dev box to simulate the netbook resolution and try the software in that virtual machine. Unfortunately, I fire up the Windows XP mode only to find that it is fixed to 1024 by 768 resolution in the display settings, with no way to change since the Advanced button is disabled and there are no other choices for the resolution slider.

After I investigated a bit, I found that I could edit the Windows XP Mode.vmc file (located in the folder C:\Users\My Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines, substitute your name for My Name in the path), which is an XML file. There is a ui_options section in the file, my file now contains the following 2 items:

<resolution_height type="integer">576</resolution_height>
<resolution_width type="integer">1024</resolution_width>

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