Jamais Vu (CIDUG meeting, October 27, 2009)

Geoffrey Goetz gave a presentation on iPhone software development at the Columbus iPhone Developer User Group on October 27, 2009. He mostly talked about a lot of different topics, most importantly the creation of an iPhone application that utilized different types of view controllers.

During his demo, he created a new project from scratch based on the window template of the iPhone SDK, even though he was creating an application with a tab bar. I am probably going to revisit one of the applications that I am working on, which is also an application that uses a tab bar. However, I have had some issues with it, and I think that after seeing Geoffrey’s demo, it might be better to create it the way he did it than to use the tab bar application template included in the SDK.

Thanks to Geoffrey, he did a nice job (even though he ran way way over the time) and his information was super relevant.

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