Stanford iPhone App Programming lecture 14

Lecture 14 from the Stanford University iPhone Application Programming class was hosted by Steve Demeter from Demiforce and Josh Shaffer from Apple. Steve talked about his experience in putting together Trism, and his ideas on the touch interface on the iPhone. Josh then talked technically about the methods, events, and objects that make up the touch interface on the iPhone, and how to use them.

I probably should have watched this video before trying to do swipe detection (see this blog post) in my application, it probably would have saved me some search time and trial and error. Josh used a CGAffineTransform structure to track changes, which is probably the recommended way of doing this sort of thing. It is a bit of overkill for my particular application, as I don’t need to know about the zooming and rotations, I literally just needed to know if the person’s finger was moving left or right.

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