Stanford iPhone App Programming lecture 11

Lecture 11 from the Stanford University iPhone Application Programming class was hosted by Evan Doll, who is apparently an achiever. He covered text input and displaying views modally, both of which I have had trouble with in my work on my various iPhone app projects that I have started.

His talk included a demonstration on the Clang code analyzer, using the keyboard with UITextView and UITextField controls, displaying and dismissing view controllers modally, and the proper way to dismiss said modal view controllers by setting up delegation in the parent view controller.

I have been developing an application in which it would be awesome to have some kind of custom virtual keyboard for entering data, as none of the canned keyboards seem to exactly fit the bill. This presentation should help me untangle some of the complexities that I have run across in trying to get this application done. Maybe then I too can be an achiever.

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