Stanford University iPhone Application Programming class

I have been checking out some of the lecture videos for the Stanford University iPhone Application Programming class CS193P, and I think they are very well done. I have been doing iPhone development for a little while now, and even though I am familiar with quite a bit of what they are presenting, there are still some things in each lecture that I did not know or was not crystal clear on the concepts for.

Here is a link to the course page on Stanford’s web site:

CS 193P — iPhone Application Programming

In order to watch the videos of the lectures, you have to download them into your iTunes through iTunes U. There are also PDF files on the above web page that contain the slide presentations used during the lectures, along with the class assignments and other documents.

So far, I have gone though the first 3 lectures. They do move a bit slowly when questions bog down the presentation, but you can’t beat the price, and other than the first introductory lecture, there should be value in each lecture for most iPhone developers.

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