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All schemes missing from Xcode when loading old project

There is no worse feeling in the world than when you load up an old Objective-C project that you have to make some changes on, and all of a sudden there are no schemes present for the project when you pull it up in Xcode. As such, there is no way to run the project to see if your changes are good or not.

I did find a solution to this issue. Apparently you need to have Xcode rebuild some of your user data to get the schemes back again.

If this is happening to you when you load your project or workspace into Xcode, do the following steps:

  1. With the project/workspace open in Xcode, right click on the project item all the way at the top of the Project navigator, and select “Show in Finder”.
  2. Quit Xcode.
  3. From the Finder window that just opened, right click on the .xcodeproj file for your project and select “Show Package Contents”.
  4. Double click on the xcuserdata folder.
  5. Right click on the folder that begins with your user name and ends with .xcuserdatad and select “Move to Trash”.
  6. If you are using a workspace instead of just a project (such as if you are using Cocoapods), go back 2 steps to the original folder that Xcode loaded and repeat the above 3 steps except starting by right clicking on the .xcworkspace file instead of the .xcodeproj file.
  7. Load your project/workspace again in Xcode, and the schemes should be rebuilt.

By the way, while we are at it, you do have the xcuserdata folder as an entry in your Git ignore file, right?

Hope you are all having a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2024.