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Unperial gallon

I wonder how the paint company has managed to keep the cost of a gallon of paint steady amidst all of these rising prices…

Oh wait, now I get it.

E-Tech update: They have once and for all denied my appeal for a refund on the Sony replacement keyboard. Maybe I should have done a more big budget picture to demonstrate instead of what was done. (99 cents total were spent on Blue Harvest, I needed some chalk to write on the clapperboard and there were no kids around to beat up so that I could steal some.)

The plural of “digital cameras” is…

It has been a while since I posted something, and so when I was cleaning up the files from an older computer last night and stumbled on this beauty that I screen captured way back on August 19, 2004, I figured I should share…

Don’t bother going to their web site and checking, Dell fixed it pretty quickly, just in case you were wondering. Oh, and no word yet from E-Tech eStore regarding my appeal.

Documentation overload

Peanut allergies are really only a problem if you can open the package…  Oh wait, now I figured it out…

So I should probably take the jackhammer back to the tool rental place, I guess I won’t be needing it to eat my Kit Kat bar.

Gmail phishing warning

I think that Google might have the Gmail phishing filter set just a tad too strong. I was in my Gmail account this morning and accidentally clicked on the very first message I got in the account, which is of course the introductory e-mail that describes how to switch your existing e-mail over to Gmail. Here is what I saw:

Weird Stuff Warehouse

A co-worker brought this link to my attention:

Silicon Valley’s Island of Misfit Tech

I can’t believe that, with all of the trips that I have made to the Bay Area, that I never heard of this place or stumbled upon it by accident. I so want to go there now to look for a copy of Microsoft Bob. Or maybe I should try to sell my copy of Microsoft Dogs.

Tap toon

I saw this cartoon come across my screen today:

Spinal Tap amps

Spinal Tap amps

Nice work, xkcd. Click the image above to visit their web site.

Black Friday deal

I just got an ad in my e-mail inbox from CompUSA that included this amazing deal:


Some things are best left unsaid.

Bill & Ted’s Realty Company

I am guessing that the Wyld Stallyns are having trouble getting gigs, and the guys have turned to selling houses for a living…

Gnarly "For Sale" sign

Sorry, I had to do it.  (Darn, maybe I should have gone with a Wayne’s World reference instead.)

Oh, and Happy All Saints’ Day everyone!

What exactly is “LOADED!” referring to?

In our troubled economy, it has become more important than ever to find high caliber deals, you know, where you get the most bang for the buck.

With this in mind, I present you an ad from a local Columbus automotive dealer:


OK, it is not really software development related, but I thought it was pretty funny nonetheless