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420 years of ignoring Windows Updates

Some people wait a very long time, if ever, to do their Windows Updates. (For better or worse. Seriously people, run your Windows Updates.)

But this is a bit ridiculous…

Windows Update

BTW, Happy Birthday to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, opened this day in 1939 in Cooperstown, New York. I sure wish we had baseball right about now…


So I update my iOS apps on my iPhone this morning, and what do we have here…

If you fellers out there in Redmond need someone to help you get the reins on this iOS stuff, drop me a line.

BTW, Happy Human Rights Day. Sorry, I don’t feel like coming up with something better after the egg laid by the Steelers yesterday against Oakland.

Back to the future?

What kind of sorcery is going with my framework modification dates?

BTW, a posthumous Happy Birthday to Mr. Fabulous, Alan Rubin. I feel the need now to go and watch Blues Brothers for like the 500th time.

Reinforced concrete would be a pretty cool security feature

I was going to upgrade to Windows 10, but I don’t think I can trust any operating system that does not have reinforced concrete…


BTW, a posthumous Happy Birthday to Steve Jobs.

Someone should take their own advice on Adobe Flash

So I am wandering through my news feeds a while back, and I happen upon this…


I guess all days that end in a “y” are good days to update your Adobe Flash.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Carlos Santana (the guitarist, not the Cleveland Indians baseball player).

Gee, I would have never guessed that password…

A password so insecure, it is secure.


BTW, Happy Earth Day to the citizens of planet Earth reading this message. (Which should be most of you.)

Software update

(I have been waiting a while to post this picture, it seemed like a good idea to do it today what with the huge flap about the iOS 8.0.1 software update failure…)

I think my computer is trying to tell me that there is a software update…


BTW, Happy Birthday to Justin Bruening, who played Michael Knight on the Knight Rider TV series from 2008.

iOS Mail app load testing

If you hand me your iPad to load the latest test build of the app, and I see this notification bubble on your iOS Mail app icon, then you are doing it wrong…


BTW, Happy Birthday (posthumously) to Tor Johnson, who appeared in 3 of the MST3K episodes.

A prediction by the USPS???

When I was looking through my father’s collection of U.S. Postal Service First Day Covers, I found this gem. You would think that our postal service would have been more vocal about this in the past 38 years or so.

BTW, Happy Birthday to Charlie Batch, engineer of an improbable win for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Baltimore Ravens this past weekend. It was nice to see an old guy like me doing something awesome.

The technical term is “Leap Month”

So I am guessing that Google needs some help in their development and/or QA departments. Or else Google knows something that the rest of us don’t know…

I saw this little nugget tweeted about this morning and had to try it for myself. Sure enough, my Galaxy Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean 4.2 is missing the entire month of December. (To reproduce, go into the People app, edit a contact, tap ‘Add another field’, select ‘Events’, and notice that December is not in the month scrolly.)

In an unrelated story, I predict that Android 4.2.1 will be coming out very soon.

BTW, Happy 50th Birthday to Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist for Metallica.