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The Windows 8 platform for Metro style apps (CONDG meeting, April 26, 2012)

Jennifer Marsman gave a rousing and lengthy presentation on Metro and Windows 8 last night to a packed house meeting of the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group. She almost makes me want to do a Metro app.

Prizes returned, and believe it or not, my name was drawn first for the door prizes. I think that it is a conspiracy that the prizes really suck when I win something. I walked away with a version 2 Code Complete book. And a cheer went up from the audience.

BTW, happy birthday to Ace Frehley, a true rock and roll icon. It was kind of a shame that Ace wasn’t playing with Kiss when they did the Dancing With The Stars Rock Week show a couple of weeks ago.

Stir Trek: Avengers Edition app available

My 2012 Stir Trek app has made it through the review process and is available in the App Store. It is a free app and runs on iOS 4.3 or newer devices. Here is the link to the app:

Stir Trek 2012 (app link redacted, no longer available in the app store)

OK, it is basically the same app as last year and does not use the iPad natively. But download and enjoy it anyway. And hopefully rate it 5 stars with glowing reviews.

BTW, a sad day today, Jim Marshall of Marshall Amplification has passed away at the age of 88. Which means that he made it to eleven 8 times. Turn it up loud in honor of Jim.