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Leap year testing

I logged into my bank’s account to pay a bill this morning and discovered that some people have trouble with that extra 0.24 of a day that it takes the Earth to make one complete circuit around the sun…

Click on the image for the full story about March 1st and it’s twin brother.

BTW, a fond farewell to Davy Jones of the Monkees.

Azure + SSL

Sorry about the delay in between posts kiddies, I have been very busy at work with Routzy and playing baseball at Pirates Fantasy Camp. Hopefully soon the Routzy app will be approved and I will be able to return to a more normal pattern of posting.

In the mean time, if you have a Windows Azure web site or services, and you want to secure them with an SSL certificate, I found this blog post to be indispensable:

Windows Azure: Secure Site with SSL certificate

BTW, a big shout out to Ohio’s own John Glenn, who, 50 years ago today, orbited the earth for almost 5 hours, a tremendous feat for the time.