Just one more thing…

Love him or hate him, our industry lost a real visionary today.

Over the next days and weeks, depending on who you listen to, there will be many words used to describe Steve Jobs. Which words are true? The simple answer is that all of them will be true, and none of them will be true.

The reason for this apparent contradiction is because that he was an individual that defied convention. Sure, not all of his ideas and products were slam dunks, but who among is so perfect as to measure up to our own ideals?

Simply put, a lot of Apple’s products are flat out awesome. Oh, and by the way, did I forget to mention that Steve ideas and products brought about massive changes in the computer industry, the consumer electronics industry, the motion picture industry, and the music industry?

Yes, kind words even though Steve killed the Newton platform and caused my software development company in Florida all sorts of problems back in 1998. I just wish I had bought the stock back then when it was right around the $20 level.

Steve, you will be missed.

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