Continuous Integration: More than just a toolset (CONDG meeting, March 24, 2011)

Jay Harris gave an excellent talk and demo on continuous integration at the Central Ohio .NET Developer Group meeting on March 24, 2011. The presentation was mostly talking about the concepts and pitfalls of continuous integration, but he did run through a quick installation and demo of a free continuous integration tool, and the demo gods smiled on Jay as it went pretty well.

Also, Shawn Wallace gave a quick presentation on the mysterious world of branching and merging, a subject that does not get nearly the attention that it deserves at most software companies.

On a personal note, my name was drawn as the first name on the door prizes, which meant that I could choose one of three unknown prizes. Of course, having the first choice, I drew the lemon of the lot (Windows Vista Ultimate, joyous day) and was embarrassed in front of the group. The second name drawn, a former co-worker of mine, also chose one of the unknown prizes, and got the best of the lot, a Microsoft Arc mouse. Oh well.

BTW, happy birthday to Steve Ballmer.

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