2 thoughts on “OK, you may have had a tough coach at some point growing up, but you have to let it go…”

  1. I forgot to tell you that this was in the login, sorry for the confusion.

    If User.Identity.Name = “bp” Then
    Session(“IsAssHeadCoach”) = True
    End If

  2. So what are you trying to say?

    On an unrelated side note, I heard recently that there have been studies done showing that people on the interwebs who represent themselves with pictures of snarling, pointing monkeys are lacking several key emotional, psychological, and physical normalcy indicators (such as approximately 50% of them having a shoe size that is below the median shoe size for humans in general), while at the same time those people who use a sports logo for their representative image are just plain awesome. Yup, that’s what I heard.

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