I have always enjoyed alpine skiing ever since the first time that I went to the local ski area in Ohio. I don’t make it to Brandywine much any more because I have been skiing in the West many times over the years, and once you go there, it is hard to go back to the little ski bumps. (Even though I live closer to the Ohio bunny slopes now than I ever have.)

A few Christmases ago, my wife bought me a deck of playing cards called Ski USA, A Bird’s-Eye View of 52 of the Best Ski Mountains, with each of the 52 cards having a trail map and vital statistics for 52 different American ski resorts. In this new decade, I have made a resolution to┬átry and make a go of visiting the rest of the 52 resorts depicted on the playing cards that I have not been to yet.

I put together a Google Earth KML file with the 52 resorts on it, if you want to use it to track your own progress.

Ski USA KML file (Google Earth)

BTW, if you are interested in buying the deck of cards, here is a link to it on Amazon’s web site:

Ski USA Playing Card Deck

I am thinking of heading to New England in the winter/early spring time frame, if anyone has any suggestions about which of the resorts to visit, please let me know.

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

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