The illusion…

I have heard it said that the greatest danger is the illusion that all is well. This is sort of pessimistic, and I am not a pessimistic person by nature.

And then I start looking through the code and see something like this:

public Guid AddSomething(Guid id1, Guid id2, bool useAlternateValue)
    // stuff removed from here
    // including the creation of the obj object, 
    // which conains a default and alternate value
    string s = "";
    if (useAlternateValue && (obj.alternateValue != null))
        s = obj.alternateValue;
    else if ((!useAlternateValue) && (obj.defaultValue != null))
        s = obj.defaultValue;
    // more stuff removed from here

One of the developers that I work with is confused by my hatred of compounding the not operator with ands, ors, and parentheses in decision statements, and of the use of the null object. This code appears to combine both of these things in a mishmash of non functional code.

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