CodeStock 2009, Day 1

Here were the sessions that I attended on day 1 (Friday, June 26, 2009) of the CodeStock 2009 developer’s conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, along with what I thought was important, relevant, and/or clever:

Javascript Makes Me Happy! by Joe Bowers

Joe covered Javascript basics such as dictionaries, arrays, functions, event handlers, and closure, all of which were informative and useful for me, since I am a Javascript dummy. The iteration stuff at the end was a bit mind blowing, it will take me a while to figure out what was going on there, as it seemed to combine all of the above concepts.

Useful jQuery tips, tricks, and plugins with ASP.NET MVC by Elijah Manor

Elijah talked about a couple of interesting looking jQuery plugins such as TableSorter (which we are using) and xVal validation. I hope that we might be able to integrate the xVal stuff into our web application, even though we are not using ASP.NET MVC. Also, he pointed out some interesting tools, such as Firebug, PageZipper, Detect Plugins, and SelectorGadget.

Programming the Cloud with HTTP/REST by Mike Amundsen

Mike showed some very cool Javascript/web service demonstrations, along with a lot of talk about the theory and operation of HTTP and REST. It was a lot to take in for a novice web and Javascript developer. I just hope I can get some of his samples (for starters, the zip code checker) working on my box.

iCode: An Intro to iPhone OS Development by Adam Byram

Adam ran through a high level introduction of many of the concepts involved with iPhone software development, such as the tools required and overview of Objective-C. Then, he went through and began coding from scratch a to-do list application.

It was a Javascript heavy day, which is good for me, since I used to have no idea what some of my coworkers were talking about in our web application.


  1. John Boker says:

    does javascript really make you happy?

  2. BP says:

    So far as you know. BP

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