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2011: The Year In Review

Yup, yet another “year in review”.

There was the good. I finally got my Batter vs. Pitcher app into the App Store, and found my way to a new job that was way better than the one I had previously.

There was the bad. The passing of Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, and unfortunately my beloved male schipperke Kirk hit home for me, and the Pirates turned a June first place NL Central tie into yet another sub-.500 season.

There was the ugly. My November presentation to the Columbus iPhone Developer User Group comes right to mind, and then of course there was that whole thing with being able to play MP3 files on my brand new Samsung Charge Android phone.

Here’s hoping that all of you out there have a safe and happy new year, and that 2012 is better than your 2011.

Real world Conference data & a Windows Phone App! (CONDG meeting, December 8, 2011)

Samidip Basu gave a very informative presentation on OData as it applied to the Columbus M3 Conference that took place in November of 2011, and how he put together a Windows Phone app that consumed the Azure hosted data.

As it was at the December CONDG meeting two years ago, I won a totally crappy T-shirt, and gave it to a former co-worker. Which made the evening that much more successful.

BTW, Happy Birthday to the Petrified Forest National Park, established this day in 1962. The petrified logs and the Painted Desert are fantastic, I highly recommend a trip there.