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An Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development (CONDG meeting, August 21, 2010)

Tonight I attended the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group meeting at the Microsoft office in Polaris. Jeff Blankenburg gave a presentation on developing applications for the Windows Phone 7 platform, and Mel Grubb gave a short talk on the Should open-source testing library.

Jeff’s presentation was very high level, but still informative. He did confirm my biggest disappointment on the platform, and that is the glaring lack of a data store. I guess that Microsoft couldn’t find anyone to port over the SQL Mobile 2005 code. Or maybe even the SQL Server Compact code. Or the SQL Server Mobile Edition code.

Second iPhone app approved

After 9 days, my company’s second iPhone app, Football Statware, was approved on Sunday, August 22, 2010, and is available for download from the App Store.

I have already pushed an update to the application with a few minor fixes, we will see how long this update takes.

Rack mounted server… Strap mounted server… Same difference.

While the set up pictured below was not our equipment, I am still kind of glad that our servers are not hosted at this facility any longer.

Second iPhone app submitted

This past Friday, I submitted my company’s second iPhone application to the App Store for approval. We did not do any profiling on this application for performance or memory leaks, but hopefully it will go through without incident. Stay tuned.