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iPhone app accepted!

Good news!

Our iPhone app was accepted into the iTunes App Store on the very first try!!!

I am far too tired to post details right now, I will modify this message after I recover a bit. For now, if you want to see it, fire up your iTunes, go into the App Store, and search for Basketball Statware.

CodeStock 2010, Day 1

Here were the sessions that I attended on day 1 (Friday, June 25, 2010) of the CodeStock 2010 developer’s conference in Knoxville, Tennessee:

  • Effective Interface Design by John Kellar
  • Effectively Using IntelliTrace by James Ashley
  • F# and Functional Programming by Chris Marinos
  • Visual Studio 2010 Architecture, Modeling, and Visualization by Jennifer Marsman
  • High Level Overview of Android Development by Roger Heim

All of the presenters I saw did nice jobs with their presentations. And to cap the night off, instead of sticking around the Bijou after the keynote was complete and getting loaded with all of the other developers, my coworker and I attended a local minor league baseball game.