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UVa Online Judge runtime error

It has apparently been a long time since I had to do any kind of reading and writing from the console in C.

I was trying to work through the Minesweeper problem on the UVa Online Judge site, and my submissions kept failing with a “Runtime error”, with no explanation given as to the source of the problem. Of course, everything was working swimmingly when I was trying to run through the code as a command line application in Xcode on my Mac. Some investigation into this led me to pad my arrays and strings so that there was no chance of an array index going into areas they were not supposed to, but it was still failing.

I finally discovered the problem was that I had used an int variable in my code, but a %i instead of a %d in the scanf format string. As soon as I switched that over, the “Runtime error” went away. And I was able to move on to the “What do you mean ‘Wrong answer’???” part of my evening.

Oh, and Happy Data Privacy Day everyone.

Easy way to format the time difference between two dates

In converting my VB6 code over to VB.NET, I was looking for an easy way to take the different between two DateTime items and display in hours and minutes.  The TimeSpan gives a nice structure to dive into the difference and see exactly the interval, but I was hoping to find a way to output this in the same way that you can use the ToShortTimeString method of DateTime.

As it turns out, I found a posting by Jay Barlow that mentions converting the time different to a date time, and then using a custom format string to do the work so that I wouldn’t have to.  Here is my new VB.NET code, where rec is a class that includes the start and end date and duration is a string that holds the information to be displayed:

If rec.endDate IsNot Nothing Then
    Dim ts As TimeSpan = CDate(rec.endDate).Subtract(rec.startDate)
    Dim dt As DateTime = DateTime.MinValue.Add(ts)
    duration = "Event duration: " + dt.ToString("H:mm")
End If

Oh, and one more thing. Am I the only one in the world that thinks that iPad is the worst product name in history? Sure, it is so close to iPod so as to create brand recognition and draw comparisons, but I would just wonder what kind of names were shot down, and if any of them did not begin with the letter i.

By the way, Happy (Belated) Australia Day.

My Tracks Android app review

I saw a news blurb a while back about this new app from the Google folks called My Tracks. I downloaded it to my Droid right away, but really didn’t try it out until today.

So I decided to try and use the application while walking one of my dogs. The navigation around the application is pretty simple, and the track recording seemed to work very well. After I got back from the walk, I was able to see the path that I walked along with a bunch of statistics about it.

The program has upload options to send to Google Docs and Google Maps, so I tried them both at first. This first upload did complete to my Google Docs, but I did have a bit of trouble when it tried to upload the track to Google Maps. The first few times I tried it, I got some miscellaneous errors, such as an authentication error and other nondescript messages. Finally it did go through, and the track then was showing up on the My Maps page of Google Maps.

Even though this app is in the early stages of development, I think it rates quite well. I would give it a 4 star rating, if only because I had some trouble getting the Google Maps upload working.

If you can find it in your heart to help out a fellow nerd, please help out Shawn Powers, he is having a tough go of it. Here are the details:

Urgent: Help Shawn Powers & Family

Oh, and I hope everyone out there had a good Martin Luther King Day.

VB.NET radio button groups act differently than VB6 radio button groups

The few dozen remaining WinForms developers left on this planet may have noticed that, for some reason, a group box with radio buttons in it as designed in the Visual Studio 2008 environment will have the first radio button of the first group box automatically selected when the form comes up, even though all of the radio buttons have their Checked property set to false in the design environment.  It never used to do this in VB6, as when you ran the application, the group of radio buttons would have no members selected.

The problem manifests itself when you are trying to perform additional tasks in the CheckedChanged event of the radio buttons when the user selects one of the radio buttons, since the first radio button is being automatically selected.

I asked this question on Stack Overflow, and got a couple of replies. The one that I finally used to solve the problem was to set the Checked property of the radio buttons to false in the form’s Shown event, which I had never used before. By doing this, the first radio button was no longer automatically showing up checked.

One other thing that I had to do in addition was to cast the sender into a RadioButton and look at the Checked property of the clicked radio button in the CheckedChanged event, as that event is fired for radio buttons both being turned on and also turned off.

Oh, and happy National English Toffee Day!


I have always enjoyed alpine skiing ever since the first time that I went to the local ski area in Ohio. I don’t make it to Brandywine much any more because I have been skiing in the West many times over the years, and once you go there, it is hard to go back to the little ski bumps. (Even though I live closer to the Ohio bunny slopes now than I ever have.)

A few Christmases ago, my wife bought me a deck of playing cards called Ski USA, A Bird’s-Eye View of 52 of the Best Ski Mountains, with each of the 52 cards having a trail map and vital statistics for 52 different American ski resorts. In this new decade, I have made a resolution to try and make a go of visiting the rest of the 52 resorts depicted on the playing cards that I have not been to yet.

I put together a Google Earth KML file with the 52 resorts on it, if you want to use it to track your own progress.

Ski USA KML file (Google Earth)

BTW, if you are interested in buying the deck of cards, here is a link to it on Amazon’s web site:

Ski USA Playing Card Deck

I am thinking of heading to New England in the winter/early spring time frame, if anyone has any suggestions about which of the resorts to visit, please let me know.

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!